Live Health Protocol


Live Health Protocol

Thank you so much for visiting our site! We’re so excited to share the Live Health protocol with you and sincerely believe it will be just what you’re looking for on your journey to a fit, healthy life. There is so much information out there regarding emerging trends in medicine you may not know what to believe, or even where to start! Most people would assume that their personal physician is where they should start, but the reality is that most physicians are focused on the care of their sick patients, and not necessarily on well care. Most insurance companies don’t pay for preventative care, because it’s simply not cost-effective or considered elective care.

Our goal at is to not only provide a superior products and recommendations, but to provide all the information you need in order to be successful in a way that is precise, informative and above all, reliable.


Recognizing that the information available varies wildly and that the world of on-line communication can be quite impersonal we do our best to make you feel comfortable and to know exactly who it is you’re actually dealing with, so please let us introduce ourselves:


Our names are Ami M. Grimes and Gurpreet S. Padda, M.D. we live and work in Saint Louis, Missouri…and we work at a lot of things! Although being a father is the number one priority for Gurpreet, professionally he is first and foremost a medical doctor with a successful interventional Pain Management clinic as well as an Anti-Aging clinic ( and Ami serves as the CEO for both practices. We became business partners close to ten years ago and have created many businesses along the way. Like most people, we love great food and we love a good drink, and we believe there’s nothing quite like sitting around a table with your loved ones and sharing a great meal, so the logical next step seemed to be opening restaurants, which we did and we thoroughly enjoy. We also love to rehabilitate old homes as well as old buildings, and we especially love to breath new life into an old building by creating a new business to live in the space, but our passion, above all this, is helping our patients live healthier, happier lives.


After years of seeing patient after patient in pain, a common theme occurred over and over; we were never going to rid patients of their symptoms without treating what was causing them in the first place…they were overweight and suffering from chronic inflammation. There are absolutely exceptions to this, but for the majority of patients a healthy lifestyle had led to being overweight, which often leads to being in pain, being tired all the time, being irritable, being depressed, and the list goes on, and we wanted to help fix that. That is where the Live Health protocol comes in.


Our initial focus was on offering patients a healthy, relatively easy way to lose weight in a short amount of time, we wanted to present them with an option that would actually work and would serve as a “kickstart’ to what would potentially be an entirely new lifestyle. We performed a huge amount of research into the subject and just kept coming back to HCG. It made so much sense and when we introduced the protocol into our clinic, patients had amazing results, so much so that we decided it would be a disservice to not expand our audience and offer it to everyone looking to make a positive change in their lives. This developed into our mdHCG protocol.


However, once we got our patients losing their excess weight, we wanted them to keep it off and improve their physical and mental well being, this brought about the Live Health Protocol.


Thank you again for visiting our site and we hope you find all the information we’ve provided to be helpful and informative. We truly believe this protocol can help anyone get on the right path to a healthier life. If we didn’t we simply wouldn’t offer it. Please look through the rest of the site and we hope you decide the Live Health Protocol is right for you, we know it will help you reach your ideal health goals!