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Your brain and obesity

Obese people have, on average, eight percent less brain tissue than people of normal weight, according to a new study published in the journal Human Brain Mapping.  Even overweight people have four percent less brain tissue than their normal-weight peers.  Obesity is independently associated with poor educational attainment and may be responsible for the cognitive… Continue reading Your brain and obesity

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What’s so wrong with a fat belly?

There are three types of fat commonly seen observed in the abdomen Subcutaneous Fat, which is fat immediately below the skin but outside the abdominal cavity. Retroperitoneal or Structural Fat separating organ and providing cushioning during movement. Visceral abdominal fat (found inside the abdominal cavity). Most of that fat is found on the greater omentum—a large apron-like… Continue reading What’s so wrong with a fat belly?

The BMI controversy?

As your Body Mass Index [BMI] increases, so does your risk of death.  But is BMI the best tool to determine your health status? Calculated from your weight and height, BMI provides a general gauge of body fatness.   BMI is a correlation between an individual’s height and weight, but it does not distinguish between fat… Continue reading The BMI controversy?

Can just a few pounds make a huge difference?

The Physicians’ Health Study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA) reveals that as little as seven extra pounds combined with little or no exercise can significantly increase your risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac arrest. Regardless of the level of activity, higher body mass index equates to higher heart failure risk. Even modestly… Continue reading Can just a few pounds make a huge difference?

How does food become energy?

Optimizing fat burning while simultaneously building muscle should be the goal of any effective exercise program, the critical linkage between exercise and the food we eat is ATP.  This article describes the importance of understanding what ATP is, and how different foods are converted to ATP, and when different fuels (protein, carbohydrate, or fat) are… Continue reading How does food become energy?